Hydrate & Brighten Your Skin with the Juicy Glow Facial

Hydrate & Brighten Your Skin with the Juicy Glow Facial

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Skin trends come and go, but bright and glowing skin is one that’s here to stay. We’ve seen many variations throughout the years, most recently being the Korean “glass” skin trend that got all skincare lovers in a chokehold. After all, who wouldn’t want skin that is so clear that it looks like a shard of iridescent glass in the sunlight?

Healthy, toned skin that is plump with hydration will glow naturally by itself. After all, it's all about the hydration that helps brighten up your skin for that dewy look.

Here at Venusde, we want you to have the glow-down on how to get a brighter complexion.

Be it an intense non-negotiable, many-step skincare regiment in Korean beauty products, your classic go-tos that your mum has sworn by from the good ol’ days; Venusde is here to offer you the quickest and best solution to hydrating your skin from within.

Getting an in-depth facial from a professional is bound to do wonders for your skin that no over-the-counter product or beauty tip can compare to. Why waste time and money when one facial can revamp your skin like never before?

Meet Our Skincation Newcomer: Juicy Glow  


A facial series that intends on taking your skin on that vacay it deserves; Skincation’s launch of new facials are like no other. That feeling of being so refreshed after spending time just kicking back and relaxing? Well, that’s exactly what your skin is going to feel like (and best of all, is going to look like) when you’re hopping off our holiday of a facial experience.

If you’re wondering what the Juicy Glow experience is about, we’re here to tell you how exactly it works in hydrating and brightening your skin! This multi-step facial experience has a thorough ritual with all the right reasons; but let the benefits speak for themselves ;)

Here’s how you can maintain youthful, bright, skin for that perfect Korean glass skin look with our Juicy Glow facial!

Double Cleanse with a Brightening Cleanser

The first step towards a dewy, clearer complexion is none other than getting rid of makeup from your face. Even if you’re going #Bareface, cleansing does a great job of removing impurities and dirt that gathers on the surface of your skin.

The Juicy Glow facial cleanses the face once for makeup, dirt, and excess oils— then again with regard to your particular skin type. This way, your skin concerns (such as hydration or perhaps treating acne) get addressed before moving on towards the next step of treatment!

Deep Cleanse 

Oh boy, here comes the big one. One of the most satisfying parts of going for a facial is getting a deep cleanse; where all the gunk that’s hidden under your skin finally gets suctioned right out of your face (let’s admit it—we’re all kinda obsessed with videos of that). 

A cool feature about the Juicy Glow facial is the use of advanced skincare technology, which is where Micro Hydra Dermabrasion comes in. Despite sounding like a Transformers villain, this skincare machine actually does an extremely effective job of cleansing the skin of blackheads and whiteheads. Can’t have glassy smooth skin if there’s cracks in the middle of it!



Brighten Your Skin with Light Therapy

Probably a new one that you’ve heard, eh? This new forward form of skincare works via LED light that is powered by radio frequency and EMS electroporation that combines up to 5 different wavelengths of colorful lights to enhance your skin. The best part is that EACH different light targets a different skin issue; how cool is that?! 


The LED light therapy in the Juicy Glow facial is great for achieving glowing skin as it brightens dark spots as well as rejuvenates dull appearances. It also strengthens the skin’s absorption from within, which makes it ready to just soak up the goodness you’re gonna feed it!


The Importance of Vitamin C

When it comes to brightening of the skin, Vitamin C has long been in the game for its benefits. After all, the application of Vitamin C helps fade dark spots while evening up the skin tone; talk about a win-win situation! 


The Juicy Glow facial however, takes it to the next level. Experience the future of skincare with the enhanced Nano Spray Machine which fires oxygen, Vitamin C, and rose essence at a molecular size—making it perfect to be fully absorbed by the skin. 

Try our new Juicy Glow Facial that hydrate & brighten your skin.

Juicy Glow Facial

Get that glow by hydrating and brightening your skin with a sunny dose of Vitamin C.

Incorporate a Hydrating Essence or Mask

After all’s said and done, we can’t forget the importance of sealing in all the goodness with a good amount of moisturiser. Masks are usually great for this, as they are usually soaked in essence as a strong form of hydration. 

The mask used in the Juicy Glow facial is a Silk Mask, which contains collagen to ensure firmer, plumper and healthier skin. This mask provides ultra hydration while also reducing redness and soothing the skin’s sensitivity. As hydrolysed collagen is extremely hydrating, it also helps restore the skin’s smoothness. It’s time to glow, besties!


Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Can’t forget this last important step before you take a step out into the Malaysian sun! Luckily, the Juicy Glow facial includes an application of SPF35 to protect your new, glassy skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Looks like it’s time to show off that glow! Achieve the dewy and radiant complexion you want today when you visit us at Venusde. It’s time to treat your skin to a Skincation and let us do the rest. 

Book your slot for a Juicy Glow facial with us on our Instagram and we’ll see you at any of our outlets soon! Get that glow that you want with Venusde today.

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