Venus Power Facial

  • 90 MINS

Lift & contour your face for an enhanced complexion

It's time for your skincation

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    Puffy eyes? Dull complexion? These are signs that your skin needs the break it has been asking for! Come, sit, stay—your skincation is calling for you!


It's time for your skincation

Soothing & powerful

Lifting Massage

Reduces fluid build-up for a natural, lifted look

Eye see you

Mini Radio Frequency

Boosts collagen regeneration & provides facial contouring

LED by joy

Rainbow Mask

Multi-faceted skin repair to tackle acne & speed up skin healing

The Secret Is Out!

Listen to what she has to say

Know your facial

Made for those struggling with

  1. Acne
  2. Dullness
  3. Dryness
  4. Fine lines
  5. Pimples
  6. Premature Ageing
  7. Puffyness
  8. Wrinkles

To achieve the results of

  1. Brighter skin tone
  2. Clean & refined pores
  3. Clear skin
  4. Hydration
  5. Even skin tone
  6. Plumpness
  7. Tightened skin
  8. Soothing comfort
  9. Skin contouring
  10. Smoothness

Reduces fluid build-up for a natural, lifted look


Boosts collagen regeneration & provides facial contouring


Multi-faceted skin repair to tackle acne & speed up skin healing


How do I know which facial is more suited to my skin - Venus Power or Juicy Glow?

With a Skin Checker machine, our consultants analyse your skin during the consultation to determine the overall health of your skin. From there, we pick a facial that's more suited to tackle your skin concerns. However, if you're drawn towards either one of our brand new facials, just let us know, we'd be happy to serve you!

What are some of the skin concerns that the Venus Power Facial can help with?

Venus Power Facial treats dark circles, puffy eyes, and clogged pores caused by a hectic lifestyle. This facial is great for firming and sculpting a sharper jawline without any invasive procedures. The mini RF machine also helps to rejuvenate the under eye area.

How often can I get a Venus Power Facial?

We recommend you to get a facial every month, as your skin will need constant rejuvenation and cells reparation, as well as the promotion of collagen production.

I have acne and sensitive skin, is the LED Mask safe for me?

The LED Mask is actually excellent for acne prone or sensitive skin because the LED emitted will penetrate into the skin, targeting acne-causing bacteria, helping with possible breakouts while calming sensitive skin.

I have under eye circles - how can the mini RF help to reduce this?

Our mini RF is a radio-frequency machine that stimulates collagen around the eye area. It accelerates the absorption of skincare products and nutrients, helping to fade dark eye circles for a brighter, firmer, and more supple appearance.

How do I know if I'm eligible for the trial price?

You are only eligible for trial price if you are a first-time Venusde customer. If you are a first-time customer, you are eligible for either one (1) facial trial price only.

How many First Trial Promo can I purchase for Venusde?

As a first-time Venusde customer, you are entitled to only ONE (1) First Trial Promo across all treatments.

What will happen if I accidentally purchased more than ONE (1) First Trial Promo treatment?

Worry not, you may give the First Trial Promo to someone else. Bear in mind that we cannot refund you as you have already been informed of the terms and conditions prior.

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