5 Benefits of Venus Power's Instant Face Lift

5 Benefits of Venus Power's Instant Face Lift

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Dewy, fresh skin is a look that is timeless and will never go out of style. Rosy cheeks, shiny almost glass-like shimmering skin with an even skin tone; it’s what dreams are made of. The skincare gods may have not touched everyone with the gift of flawless and glowing skin but that’s why we’re here to help you achieve the look of your dreams ;) 

Growing up, we always thought how there was no single cure for perfect skin. Staying hydrated, fixing your diet, sleeping well; all seem to be in order for your products to work. While this is true, we’ve got a little secret to let you on to speed up this several-year-long process for ya! 



Benefits of Venus Power's Instant Face Lift 

Venusde is proud to present our news fix for radiant and youthful skin; the Venus Power facial. The second half of our Skincation series, the Venus Power facial serves as an instant face lift for those with concerns regarding sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Who knew that all it took was one quick fix to get your skin soft, supple, and more glowy than ever?

1. Fastest Option for A Face Lift with Immediate Results 

Your skin is your investment, which is why it can take years before you start to see progress and results of your hard work. For all the sugar you’re cutting out of your diet and all the water you’re chugging— the fact is that if there is no immediate change, you’re never going to know what you’re doing wrong. Despite what we know, the truth is that the best kind of advice is the kind that leads to actual results. 

Which is why the Venus Power facial is so convenient for those who are wanting a quicker solution. See the difference for yourself with the before-and-after results option which is included per session for customers to see how our skincare technology can help speed up year long processes within a few hours.

2. Non-Evasive and No Surgery Needed

Entering our 20s was the first time we noticed our skin starting to look different than it used to. Now, regardless of the age you’re at, you’ll start to see fine lines beginning to settle in alongside other skin concerns. Skin that sags, especially around your face, is natural though—and it's important to remember that. After all, it's a sign of how much you’ve laughed in your life, isn’t that a lovely reminder?


Sometimes the best skincare hacks are the ones that don’t require you actually doing much. Take our Lifting Massage as an example, where a professional gives you a deep facial massage to stimulate all the muscles in your face. This helps to reduce fluid build up—encouraging draining to take place—which results in a natural lifted look.

All of that and you didn’t even need to be unconscious! 

3. Uses Latest and Sophisticated Skincare Technology

 Venus Power’s facial is here to change the skincare game, especially with its use of cutting edge technology as a part of the facial package. Introducing the Mini Radio Frequency Machine which uses low energy radiation to heat the deep layer of your skin. This method allows it to penetrate the dermis, which allows the treatment to absorb at a better rate.


The electrode transmission also increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the cells, which encourages cell regeneration and reparation. All those insecurities about skin creases and wrinkles can now be evened out naturally by your skin layer’s newly increased collagen production; isn’t that a cool hack? 


4. Effortless Method for Best Results

If we could just lie down and let our skin magically do all the work, wouldn’t that just be peachy? Well, we’ve got good news for you. While the Venus Power’s facial isn’t exactly magic, the results of the LED Mask treatment may certainly seem like it! Sit back, relax, and don on the LED Mask with 7 different rays of light, all which have different benefits to target skin concerns. 



Light therapy has been used in the skincare game by professionals for years now but has recently been introduced as a gimmick to try at home. Don’t let Youtubers get you down, the efforts of slapping on something at home will never have the same successful effects as the treatments adhered by an esthetician. Here, treatment is actually calibrated and regulated by trained individuals— so you can trust that you’re going to be in good hands! 



5. Packed With Tons of Other Benefits 

While the Venus Power does give you an instant facelift, the best thing about this facial is that it comes with loads of additional goodness for your skin. The use of the HA Cream Mask uses highly concentrated AAA grade of aloe vera that’s been enriched with vitamin E, C and other minerals to further promote skin regeneration while protecting the skin from UV rays. 

There’s also the classic extraction process that everyone looks forward to in a facial, so get ready to say goodbye to all that gunk that’s been residing on your face! Alongside massages to promote blood circulation and relieve tension, the Venus Power facial also includes the Dewdrop Radiance Brilliance Sheet Mask to change the hydration game for your skin.

The Venus Power facial has 13 thorough steps, all with methods and products specifically selected to heal your skin from within in order to boost your skin’s natural health to make you glow. 

Try our new Venus Power facial today!

Venus Power Facial

Lift & contour your face for an enhanced complexion.

And with that, we hope you have your flight ticket ready: as it's time to board flight Venusde for your Skincation with the Venus Power facial! Book a session with us today via our Instagram, where we might have special promotions just for you. Drop us a line and we’ll see you at our outlets today. 

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